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5 Terrific Tucson Area Hiking Trails

Walking is one of the best natural means of getting exercise. Many doctors and fitness experts applaud the benefits of getting outside to take a stroll and get fresh air or kick it up a notch and power walk stress and extra pounds away.

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5 Tucson Eateries that Brag a Buncha Brunch

Not exactly breakfast and not quite lunch, brunch is the best of both worlds for eats during the off times for dining.

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9 Bases to Cover before You Leave on Vacation

Over half the people in the country will be leaving home this summer for a new or frequented vacation destination. And we all know what that means; packing, booking, fine tuning details, to-do lists, and checklists all come as part of preparing to have fun and relax.

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7 Essential Steps to Avoid Scorpion Encounters at Home

Even folks who are not from the desert are familiar with the trademark shape of a scorpion. The unmistakable long, narrow body silhouette with eight legs and two pincers in front is a sight that may produce alarm if you see the insect in your home.

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10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Wet Bar

A spacious patio, mountain views and night skies alight with celestial beauty. What more could you order up for the outdoor area of your dream home?

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How to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Home

A well-set patio can be the pride and joy of all your home living spaces. Patios are for gatherings, an intimate chat with your best friend or just lounging with your favorite drink and reading material.

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8 Fine Points to Hiring an Interior Designer

When you decide to hire an interior designer, the relationship you develop with that designer will be every bit as intimate as what you have with your regular hair dresser or barber – if not more so.

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Maintenance for Better, Longer Performance from Your AC Unit

The Old Pueblo is gearing up for the impending summer heat with home improvement projects and making plans of escape from the sweltering temps.

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6 Must-Visit Golf Courses in the Tucson Area

No matter when you got your start in the game of golf, you’ve probably found favorite circles, clubs and courses to practice your swing and even compete.

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