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5 Tips to Manage Moving Stress

As it has been said a thousand times before, moving is incredibly stressful. Even if you finally snagged the home of your dreams or downsized to that perfect-fit home in a golf community for your retirement, moving can be emotionally taxing.

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Adding Resale Value to Your Home

Selling your home is never an easy task, and many people have a difficult time evaluating the potential value of their home.

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Should You Invest in a Fixer-Upper?

Everyone has seen the movies where the sloppy boy or geeky girl in high school gets a makeover and becomes the most popular guy or girl in school.

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Starter Homes Are a Thing of the Past

Millennial home buyers have brought a lot of changes to the world over the past few years, and they have created a great deal of change in the housing market as well.

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Housewarming 101: What Your Friends Really Want

Your friends just bought their first house, and they have invited you to their new home to celebrate. And of course you would bring them a little something to celebrate their new home, right?

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5 Places to Find Design Inspiration

There is nothing like the feeling of moving into a new house, throwing open the doors, and envisioning what your brand new home will look like.

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What Millennials Want in a Home

The housing market has always seen the ebb and flow of trends, most of which come and go quickly and have no long-standing impacts on the real estate industry on the whole.

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The Power of Paint in Real Estate

Everyone who is on the market for a new house is waiting for that magic moment when they step into a new home and picture themselves living in it forever.

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8 Packing Tips to Organize Your Move

Congratulations! You’ve just bought your new home, and you cannot wait to move in! Unfortunately, you have to pack your old home up first.

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